Online Learning

Online Learning at NCC

31 programs and more than 240 courses are offered 100% online. Online courses are offered year round with 6 semester starts: fall, mid-fall, winter, spring, mid-spring, and summer. Click here for more information about NCC Online Learning. Online learning courses allow some flexibility in your ability to access course content, submit assignments, and interact with your instructor and fellow students. However, online courses are not self-paced. Most online learning courses feature weekly milestones that students need to complete by deadlines. Additionally, online students are typically required to regularly participate in online discussion board forums. Online courses are offered in 3 different formats (online, remote, and online blended). Click here for more information about online course format options.

Some online courses are designed with requirements for students to meet online in real-time on a set schedule. Coursework (outside of "real time" sessions) is also assigned and required. When online courses require students to meet online at specific days/times, that information is listed on course registration details and student schedules.

Students should refer to the online tech help and requirements web page for detailed recommendations of computers, internet, web-cameras that may be necessary to succeed in NCC courses.

To take online courses, you will need to be able to do the following:

  • Type on a computer to complete papers, emails and online discussions. You must also have proficient reading and writing skills. The majority of communication in online learning courses is done in writing.
  • Use a word processing program such as Microsoft Word. You should be familiar with using basic functions such as "copy" and "paste".
  • Utilize the NCC email system for communication with your instructor and class. You will need to know how to attach or upload digital content.
  • Budget your time and priorities. Online learning courses feature weekly milestones that students need to complete by deadlines.

As part of the NCC's initiative to improve student success and academic integrity, all online students are required to verify their student identity. Federal regulations require that all institutions must verify that the student who registers in an online learning course is the same student who participates in and completes the course.

For more information about NCC online learning, visit, contact, call 610-332-6089, or connect with @NCCVirtual on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.