Repeated Courses

The College allows a student to repeat any course once for any reason*. This is subject to availability in limited enrollment courses (see special policy for readmission, reentry into limited enrollment courses).

A student, who fails to earn credit or to satisfy a grade prerequisite after enrolling in a course for the second time may not take the course for one academic year after the last attempt.

Grades for all repeated courses will appear on the student transcript. The credit hours for the course may be counted only once unless the course description states otherwise. Only the highest grade earned will be used in calculation of the cumulative grade point average.

Appeals to this policy may be made to the Director of Advising & Transfer Services who, in consultation with the appropriate faculty, will make a decision. Further appeals can be made to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and that decision shall be final.

*Except for Allied Health Students (refer to Academic Dismissal from Allied Health Programs Policy)