Incomplete Policy

An incomplete grade of I is issued after a student requests it and a faculty member agrees to allow completion of specific course work the student did not complete due to valid, unforeseen circumstances. These circumstances may include: serious illness of the student, serious illness or death in the student's immediate family, etc. The request must be made for the Incomplete grade before the last class meeting of the semester. The faculty member may approve or deny the request. If the request is approved, the faculty member will outline, on the Assignment of Incomplete Grade form, the work the student must complete. The faculty member will send the Assignment of Incomplete Grade form to the Records Office who will then communicate with the student.

The deadline for completing the course requirements is no more than five months - or sooner as designated by the faculty member - after the date grades were due in the semester in which the I grade was issued. The faculty member will designate that the incomplete grade become a specific letter grade if the work is not completed. This grade may not be a withdrawal (W). An Incomplete grade in a prerequisite course may make a student ineligible to take the subsequent course.