To be eligible for graduation, a student must meet the minimum number of credits for a degree, certificate, or specialized diploma and must earn a graduation GPA of 2.00 (only courses for the credential are calculated in the graduation GPA). Developmental coursework does not count toward graduation requirements. These specific requirements cannot be waived.

Waiver of Graduation Requirements Policy and Procedure

Substitution or Waiver of Graduation Requirements

A student may request to alter graduation requirements by substituting a course or other earned credit (earned by completed NCC course or awarded per the Transfer Policy or Advanced Placement Policy) for a specified program/major requirement, General Education Elective, or Free Elective, or by requesting to follow program requirements as published in a different catalog year. A student may request to waive the Writing-Intensive requirement by presenting a graded writing sample that demonstrates mastery of writing competencies. To make this request, the student must complete and submit to the Records Office the 'Graduation Substitution/Waiver Request' form along with appropriate justification and supporting documentation. The Records Office will facilitate review by program faculty and academic dean(s). If reviewing parties do not reach a consensus decision, then the request will be referred to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Waiver of Graduation Requirements Procedure

To petition to waive graduation requirements, a student must complete the Graduation Waiver request form which can be obtained in the Records Office, Monroe Enrollment Office or online at The completed form must be submitted to the Records Office. It will be reviewed by the program dean, the instructor, and the dean responsible for the course(s) for which waiver is sought. If the reviewing parties do not reach a consensus decision, then the request will be referred by the Records Office to the Academic Appeals Committee for disposition. That body will recommend approval or disapproval of the petition. Decision of the Academic Appeals Committee will be final. Student will be notified by Records of final decision.

Honors at Graduation

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