EARL263G Internship-Early Childhood

Students apply, analyze, and synthesize their knowledge of children's development and learning within the context of cultural, linguistic, and ability diversity. They create and implement standards-based learning experiences and aesthetic environments that integrate all curricular areas within the Art as a Way of Learning (AWL) framework. Students use evidence based practices emphasizing Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Students assess children's learning and build reciprocal partnerships with families and professionals; they use community resources to support children's growth and development. This course requires 2 hour weekly seminar class for 15 weeks and 150 hours (10 hrs/wk) of field experiences (lab) in programs serving children Pre-K to Grade 4; hours must be spread over three mornings. Early childhood program must be a licensed family group, center, Head Start, faith-based, pre-k or nursery school setting. The course is designated as a writing intensive course. Students are required to do action research and develop a Program Assessment Portfolio. Additional course fees: $13.00. Child Abuse Registry, Criminal Background Check, and FBI clearances are required. Also available through Online Learning. Video/DVD documentation of student teaching required (online students). Prereq.- EARL106, EARL107, EARL126, EARL128, EARL208, EARL216, EARL217 all with a grade of C or better and ENGL101. Coreq.- EARL218, EARL244.


3 credits


EARL106, EARL107, EARL126, EARL128, EARL208, EARL216, EARL217, all with a grade of C or better and ENGL101


EARL218 and EARL244

Lecture/Lab Ratio