Automotive Technology Degree for ASE Certified Technicians, Associate in Applied Science



ASE certified technicians (A1 - A8 + L1) now have a convenient and faster option for earning an associate's degree. Northampton's Automotive Technology Online program is designed for Master ASE technicians looking to advance or change their careers. If you have the qualifications, you can receive 44 credits toward your degree from your ASE certifications. The remaining 24 credits may be taken through Northampton's Online Learning division.


To enter this program you must apply to the college and indicate that you are interested in the online degree option. You will need to demonstrate current ASE certifications by having ASE send your transcript directly to the college. You may also gain credit for AUTO224 by submitting proof of OEM or aftermarket training equaling 45 to 60 hours of training.

Upon acceptance, you can start taking online courses to fulfill your degree requirements. You will need to take the college placement test in reading and writing before taking English I. Please refer to the college's web site for further information on placement testing.

For more information on the program, please contact the Director of Automotive Programs @ 610-861-4575.


Upon successful completion of the Automotive Technology program, the graduate should be able to:

  • Demonstrate competent speaking, technical vocabulary, and technical writing skills when working with diverse groups, displaying the ability to work independently & collaboratively for observation, integrative, and synthetic skills.
  • Diagnose and repair mechanical systems of automotive engines; automatic transmissions and transaxles; manual drive trains and axles; suspension and steering systems; braking systems; electrical and electronic systems; heating and air conditioning systems; and engine performance systems.
  • Exhibit logical thinking throughout essential areas of automotive diagnostics, using published technical information to repair a vehicle while meeting the manufacturer's specifications.
  • Demonstrate competence in the use of general and highly specialized tools and equipment.
  • Apply knowledge mastered to troubleshooting and solving discipline and industry-related problems by analyzing and presenting data in an acceptable and standardized manner with proficient research and computer data-gathering skills.


AUTOCourses taken through ASE Certification

33 credits

AUTOCourses given for 2 years Work Experience

8 credits

AUTOCourse given for 45-60 hrs OEM or non OEM training

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:44

BUSA221GBusiness Communications

3 credits

COMM101Introduction to Communication

3 credits

ENGL101English I

3 credits

ENGL151REnglish II

3 credits

GEOG121Environmental Sustainability

3 credits

HUMA121American Work Experience

3 credits

MATH103Technical Mathematics

3 credits

PHYS152Physical Science II

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:24

Total Credit Hours: 68

  • Students must complete English I (ENGL101), English II (ENGL151R) and Introduction to Communication (COMM101) before taking Business Communications (BUSA221G).
  • Completion of BUSA221G satisfies the Writing Intensive (WI) requirement for this program.
  • Computer competencies are included in various courses in this program; thus, completing the program automatically satisfies the computing requirement for this program.