Hospitality Management: Hotel Option, Associate in Applied Science


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Essential Functions (PDF)


For students interested in a career in hotel management, Northampton offers students the opportunity to earn an associate degree in applied science in Hospitality Management. Some of the core classes in this program include rooms division management, enhancing guest services, hospitality law, financial reporting, sales and marketing, human resources management, and strategic leadership. Students can supplement their core courses with classes focused on meeting and event planning, casino operations, club management, spa management and resort management.

The Hospitality Management program fosters teamwork, professionalism, and learning through experience. Students will be prepared for a career in the hospitality industry by classroom learning supplemented with field trips, guest speakers and industry certifications. All students will complete a 225 hour management practicum, where they will complete an internship in their area of interest.

Since 2018 the Hospitality Management program has been accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Programs in the Hospitality Management (ACPHA). Graduates with an AAS  degree receive a Certified Hospitality Graduate (CHG) Certificate. The Hospitality Management Program is ranked the #1 Community College Hospitality Program in Pennsylvania by College Factual and #1 for BEST VALUE colleges for Hospitality Management in the Commonwealth. 

Career Potential: Hotel Operations Supervisor/ Manager, Guest Services Supervisor/Manager, Guest Services, Resort Supervisor/Manager, and Human Resources Entry-level Manager 

NCC students have transferred to: Pennsylvania State University--College Park and Berks campuses, East Stroudsburg University, Keystone College, Temple University, York College of Pennsylvania



Graduates of the program will:

1. Identify and apply the knowledge and skills necessary for hospitality and tourism operations

2. Demonstrate competence in the communication skills necessary for hospitality and tourism management

3. Evaluate leadership principles necessary in the diverse and global hospitality and tourism industry

4. Develop and integrate a core set of business skills necessary to successfully operate a hospitality and tourism organization

5. Formulate business decisions in hospitality and tourism management


First Semester

COLS101College Success

1 credits

COMM101Introduction to Communication

3 credits

ENGL101English I

3 credits

HOSP101Introduction to the Hospitality Industry

3 credits

HOSP105Managing the Service Experience

3 credits

General Education Elective (SIT or SSHB)

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:16

Second Semester

ENGL151REnglish II

3 credits

HOSP111Food and Beverage Management

3 credits

HOSP130Convention Services and Catering Management

3 credits

HOTL110Hospitality Law

3 credits

Mathematics (QL) or Science (SCI) Elective +

3/4 credits

Total Credit Hours:15-16

Third Semester

HOSP210Human Resources Management for the Hospitality Industry

3 credits

HOSP215Hospitality Sales & Marketing

3 credits

HOSP207Rooms Division Management

3 credits

PSYC103Introduction to Psychology

3 credits

Required Program Elective +

3 credits


3 credits

Total Credit Hours:18

Fourth Semester

HOSP201Strategic Leadership in Hospitality

3 credits

HOSP212Hospitality Financial Reporting

3 credits

HOSP221GHospitality Management Practicum

3 credits

Required Program Elective +

3 credits

General Education Elective (AH)

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:15

Total Credit Hours: 64-65

+ Students are required to take a minimum of six (6) credits from the list of Program Electives:  CRFT140, CULA123, HOTL150, HOTL160, HOSP125.  

  • One course should be designated as Diversity and Global Awareness (D).
  • Computer competencies are included in various courses in this program. Thus, completing the program automatically satisfies the computing requirement for the program.
  • For the General Education Electives, students must select one course from the list of approved Arts & Humanities (AH) courses and one course from the lists of approved courses in Social Science: Societies and Institutions over Time (SIT) or Social Science: Scientific Study of Human Behavior (SSHB).