Library Technical Assistant, Specialized Diploma



Today's libraries aren't simply repositories of books and journals, they are technologically-advanced media centers, managing large amounts of information in digital, print and multimedia formats. Library patrons need help navigating this new world, and libraries need trained staff who are able to organize diverse forms of information. The Library Technical Assistant program at Northampton prepares you to enter the workforce as a paraprofessional capable of working in a variety of libraries and information centers.

Northampton's convenient online program focuses particularly on information resources, services for children, and management of small public libraries. Courses address technical skills in such vital areas as acquisitions, electronic formats and cataloging of all types of materials.


Members of Northampton Community College's admissions staff can assist you in planning your program of study. Although this program is offered only online, you will be required to visit libraries to investigate print resources and explore types of library services, in addition to reading assigned textbooks and performing online research.

The specialized diploma is a 15-credit program, although courses also can be taken on an as-needed basis to improve skills in specific areas. The specialized diploma is also a good way to start your library science education if you are interested in pursuing a degree.

Professionals in Northampton's Career Services and counseling offices, as well as instructors within the program, can help you meet your employment and career goals.

Career Potential: Library Technical Assistant


Graduates of the program will:

  • Identify the multiple functions of libraries and library services.
  • Summarize the role and history of libraries.
  • Use critical thinking skills to explore library services, resources, and the planning process.
  • Develop assessment skills for identifying, acquiring and organizing resource materials.
  • Identify and use key research tools to locate relevant information.
  • Evaluate information resources in both paper and electronic formats.
  • Use knowledge of current challenges facing libraries to deal effectively with issues such as censorship, funding, service limitations, and technology.
  • Develop skills in areas such as budget preparation, personnel, and facilities management to effectively manage a small library.
  • Assess and manage technology as it pertains to libraries and library services.
  • Use oral, written, and technological skills to communicate effectively with multiple stakeholders/audiences.


Specialized Diploma:

This diploma is offered via the College Online Learning program.

COLS101College Success

1 credits

LIBT101Introduction to Library Service

3 credits

LIBT209Computers in Libraries

3 credits

LIBTLIBT Elective Courses*

9 credits

Total Credit Hours:16

*LIBT Elective Course Options:

LIBT115Reference Resources & Services

3 credits

LIBT203Technical Services

3 credits

LIBT207Library Management

3 credits

LIBT253Literature for Children and Young Adults

3 credits

Students must take LIBT101 Introduction to Library Service; it is strongly urged that they begin the program with this course.

Students must take LIBT209 Computers in Libraries.

To receive the Specialized Diploma, student can select three of the four elective courses to complete the 15 credit program.