Audit Policy

A student may apply to audit a course. Auditing students are not required to take examinations and do not receive grades or earn credits for the class.

Enrollment for the purpose of auditing shall be on a space available basis. Priority in class enrollment shall be given to students desiring to take courses for credit; therefore enrollment for audit purposes will only be permitted during the first week of the semester. Auditors must be eligible for admission to the College. A student can only audit a course one time.

Auditors pay standard tuition and fees. The student should identify himself to the instructor as an auditing student and discuss parameters of participating in classroom discussions. If a student wants to change from audit to credit, all prerequisites must be met. The change must be made by the end of the refund period for that course with the consent of the instructor. Instructors may request of the Vice President, Enrollment & Student Affairs that an auditor be officially withdrawn from the course if the auditor is interfering with the learning process.