Attendance Policy

Class attendance during the learning process is critical for student success. Northampton Community College students are expected to attend all class sessions and participate in courses in which they are enrolled and are responsible for all material presented in class sessions or in online activities for these courses.

Verification of attendance involves instructors confirming that students have begun participation in NCC courses. Instructors are required to verify attendance by the final drop deadline for the course. Refer to the academic calendar for specific dates based on course start date and length.

Attendance at NCC is defined as:

  • Attending a synchronous class, lecture, recitation, or field or laboratory activity, physically or online, where there is an opportunity for interaction between the instructor and students;
  • Submitting an academic assignment;
  • Taking an assessment or an exam;
  • Participating in an interactive tutorial, webinar, or other interactive computer-assisted instruction;
  • Participating in a study group, group project, or an online discussion that is assigned by the institution; or
  • Interacting with an instructor about academic matters.

Logging into an online class or online tutorial without any further participation does not count for attendance.

After the verification of attendance is complete, students are still expected to attend and participate in courses in which they are enrolled. If a student misses 15% of an on-campus class or does not participate in 15% of academic activities, as defined above, in a virtual course, they may be withdrawn by the instructor.

Clinical and lab courses may have a different attendance policy and it will be so noted on each syllabus.