BIOS202 Microbiology for Allied Health

This course will provide students with a foundation in the principles of morphology and physiology as they apply to microbes. The control of bacteria and other microorganisms will be discussed. This course will also look into the medical and economic importance of microorganisms and the role of pathogens. The laboratory portion of the course will focus on aseptic techniques, biochemical analysis off bacteria, the isolation, identification and enumeration of bacteria. This course is oriented toward students who are interested in the Allied Health field. This course is not intended for the biology major. BIOS202 and BIOS240 may not both be used for credit. Prereq.- BIOS107 or BIOS115 or BIOS160 or BIOS204 or VETC101. Core: SCI.


4 credits


BIOS107 or BIOS115 or BIOS160 or BIOS204 or VETC101

Lecture/Lab Ratio