New Student College Success Policy

All new students are required to enroll in COLS101 College Success. 

  • New students enrolling full-time are required to take COLS101 in their first semester. 
  • New part-time students are required to take COLS101 before completing 15 credits.

Students exempt from taking COLS101 include:

  • Students entering NCC with a post-secondary associate degree or bachelor’s degree.
  • Students entering NCC who have successfully completed, with a grade C or better, an equivalent college success or freshmen seminar course at another college.
  • Students who have completed COLS150­ Skills for Academic Success.
  • Students enrolling in these NCC specialized diplomas:
    Child Development Associate – 9 credits
    Emergency Medical Technician – 6 credits
    Infant-toddler Development – 9 credits
    Leadership for Early Childhood Program Directors – 9 credits
    Multimedia – 9 credits
    School-Age Child Care – 9 credits
    Publishing for Writers – 6 credits
    Special Education – 9 credits