Concurrent and Dual Enrollment for High School and Home School Students

Dual enrollment students from participating high schools may enroll in College courses as specified by each high school. Enrollment eligibility requirements vary by school district and are available in each high school guidance office and NCC's Admissions Office.

Concurrent enrollment students may enroll in one or two classes at NCC if they are seniors in high school or in the last year of a home school curriculum and have demonstrated the academic ability to benefit from course offerings at the College. All students must have approval of their school districts. Final decision to admit a concurrent enrollment student rests with the College.

Students who are in academic difficulty or have been expelled or dropped out of high school are not eligible for concurrent enrollment. Such students will fall under the regular College admissions policy, which requires students to be 18 years of age and give evidence of being able to benefit from courses offered by the College.

All requests for concurrent and dual enrollment are processed through the NCC Admissions Office.