Fast Facts - Bethlehem

Food Court

Northampton’s Food Court, located on the second floor of College Center, features a wide variety of food options for breakfast and lunch during the school year. Select items from the grill, freshly baked pizza, daily entree specials, grab and go salads more. It’s open
Monday - Thursday from 7:30 am to 3:00 pm and Friday 7:30 am to 2:30 pm. Subconnection, located just outside the Food Court, is open Monday - Thursday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and Friday 10:00 am to 2:30 pm. Summer Hours are 7:00am to 2:30 pm Monday - Thursday. 

New for Fall will be the Bite+ app which will allow customers to place and pay for orders through the app.
Our catering department is available for student events. Please contact us at 610-332-6566 or by email

Public Safety

The Public Safety Office is is located off Green Pond road next to the Residence Hall. To contact Public Safety, call 610-861- 5588: when the dispatcher is not on duty, the number is a line to radio link. The radio link connection process takes 15 seconds. When the process is completed, an officer will respond ‘Public Safety;’ start speaking at that point. Public Safety Officers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In addition to normal duties, the Public Safety Department will offer a walking escort to your vehicle anytime. This service is provided by Public Safety. Students requesting an escort are encouraged to contact Public Safety at 610-861-5588.

As part of the College’s commitment to a safe and secure campus, a crime report is prepared annually and is available upon request in the Admissions Office, Public Safety Office and the Dean of Students Office. Northampton’s crime report is also available at Additionally, the department sponsors safety programs and distributes information about safety issues. NCC is concerned about the safety and welfare of all individuals who study or work at the College or who visit the campus. We believe that every student, employee, and visitor has the right to be part of an environment that is safe and does not tolerate misconduct. See for more information on public safety and emergency planning.

See it! Report it! Stop it!

Take ownership of your campus by reporting issues that may impede your ability to learn, study and socialize in a safe and comfortable environment. If you witness any behaviors on campus that concern you (e.g., bullying, assault, harassment, cheating, drug use, etc.) go to for details on how to notify College officials.

Emergency Phones

For the safety of the College community, emergency phones are located throughout campus. Bethlehem parking lot phones are located on South campus parking Lots A, B and C, North campus lot I and the front entrance to the residence hall.  22 additional courtesy phones are located throughout campus most inside entrance ways. Individuals who tamper with or misuse emergency phones are subject to prosecution, fines and suspension from the College.

NCC Crime Prevention Hotline: 610-861-4129
Take a bite out of crime. Leave a detailed voice message for campus related incidents. Caller name is optional.

Campus Emergency Notifications

NCC ALERTS - Emergency Text Messaging /E-Mail Notifications

NCC Alerts is a notification system that enables the school to send urgent news to your cell phone or email address. All students are encouraged to register for this service. Once you sign up for the service, the College can text your cell phone or email you with timely information about emergencies and weather-related closings and delays.

Depending on your personal cell phone plan, there may be a nominal fee from your carrier to receive text messages, but there is no charge from the school to use the service. The service is available to all current credit students, faculty/staff, and parents of children in the child care centers. Students – if you would like your parents to also receive text messages, you can add an additional mobile number to your account.

Please note that this system will not address *individual* class cancellations; only campus-wide closing and delays. For individual announcements, visit the Class Cancellations site. To sign up for this service go to
If you have any questions, or problems setting up your account, please call 1-800- 936-3525.

College Stores

Northampton Community College operates two bookstores. The NCC Bethlehem Campus Bookstore is located on the Bethlehem Campus and the Monroe Campus Bookstore is located on the Monroe Campus on Route 715 in Tannersville, PA. All of our stores accept payment by cash, personal check, flex dollars, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Please be aware that to use a credit card or check, the account holder must be present. Checks and credit cards presented by someone other than the account holder will not be accepted. Students receiving Financial Aid in excess of Tuition and Fees will be able to use these funds, not to exceed $1000, to purchase course materials and school supplies in the beginning of each semester. For questions regarding refunds or the availability of funds at the NCC Bookstore, please contact the Bursar’s Office. The Bookstore also has an online site, where students can browse and purchase their course materials, school supplies, gift items, computers, software, and other NCC logo merchandise. Customers who place orders online can have their orders shipped directly to them or ready for pick up in the store. Please allow 24-48 hours for orders to be processed. If the order is for in-store pick up, a valid ID and order number are required.

Bethlehem Campus Bookstore

The Bethlehem Campus Store is located in the Spartan Center next to the gymnasium and the Fitness center.  For hours of operations, please visit our website at

Campus Banking

Northampton Community College has made it easy for you to handle all your banking needs right on campus.

For your convenience, the Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union (PSECU) operates Financial Education Centers at the Bethlehem campus on the first floor of the College Center building, beside the bookstore, in Pocono Hall on the Monroe campus. PSECU’s ATM at the Bethlehem campus is located in College Center, on the second floor in front of the Food Court. At the Monroe campus, the PSECU ATM is located in Pocono Hall, beside the bookstore. Fowler Family Southside campus ATM (W) located in Food Court (temporarily not available at this location). 

Membership is open to Northampton students, faculty and staff. Once you’ve joined, you have access to free checking with no minimum balance, surcharge-free ATM’s, mobile app with mobile deposit and more.

Please visit our website at for updates on our operations during the COVID-19 pandemic; Phone: 610-867-4390. 

Fowler Zime

Fowler Zime is located on the Mezzanine level of Fowler Family Southside Center, 511 East 3rd Street, Bethlehem. Zime features a breakfast menu offering specialty sandwiches, yogurt bowls, and pastries. Our lunch menu features a daily pasta, empanadas, specialty salads and sandwiches, and soup of the day. We also proudly brew Starbuck’s Coffee. The hours of operation are Monday – Thursday 7:30 am – 4:00 pm and Friday until 2:30 pm. Hours and days of operation may vary based on the Academic Calendar.

Library Services

As of this publication, the Paul & Harriett Mack Library’s physical location is closed to the public. Many resources listed below, including all online resources, are still available to students. Our services will continue to evolve throughout the year as a response to our physical closure and to meet student needs.

The Paul & Harriett Mack Library offers a welcoming, dynamic learning environment to support students, faculty, staff, and community users in their educational endeavors. Library staff are eager to assist users with finding information and borrowing materials. In addition to books, periodicals, and audiovisual materials, the library offers a digital collection of e-books and research databases such as EBSCOhost, ProQuest, Gale Literature, and Opposing Viewpoints, available from on- or off-campus. Materials can also be ordered via our inter-campus delivery service from the ESSA Bank & Trust Foundation Library at the Monroe Campus, or from other regional libraries through interlibrary loan. While the library remains closed, students will be able to request physical items from our collections for ick or home mail delivery through our Library to Go service. Librarians can provide research assistance in person, via phone, via online chat, or through email, and our online research guides, videos, and tutorials can be accessed from the library website. Typically, when the library’s physical locations are open, our desktop computers and laptops can be used to access the internet and are equipped with software, such as Microsoft Office, to complete coursework. Study areas are ;located throughout the library that includes spaces to relax and enjoy a book, table to lay out notes, and more secluded sections for intense studying.  Study and presentation rooms are available by reservation for group collaboration. . The library also offers test proctoring services such as Pearson VUE (including GED), CLEP, TEAS, and a limited number of NCC exams. Please note that all proctoring is currently suspended at the Testing Centers due to COVID19 measures, with the exception of TEAS remote proctoring. Current information can be found on the library’s Testing Center web page.

Please visit the library’s website for more details, to connect with us, and for the most up-to-date information about our resources and services.

NCC Library Testing Center Areas

The library also offers test proctoring services such as Pearson VUE (including GED), CLEP, TEAS, and a limited number of NCC exams. Please note that all proctoring is currently suspended at the Testing Centers due to COVID-19 measures, with the exception of TEAS remote proctoring. Current information can be found on the library's Testing Center web page.


  • All NCC exams require a valid, unexpired photo ID (student ID or government issued ID). Pearson VUE, CLEP, TEAS and outside college testing may have additional ID requirements. Please check ID requirements before you come in for your exam.
  • The testing center closes 30 minutes before the rest of the library. Please make sure you allow yourself enough time to be able to finish your exam. Phone the Testing Center if you are not sure of how much exam time you have been given. A time waiver may be required for some exams.
  • Please know your course number (i.e. MATH 150) and your professor’s name. Personal items including cell phones and other electronic devices, watches and wallets must be secured before entering the testing room. Individual lockers will be provided for your belongings. Clothing (hats, scarves, sweaters, etc.) or other items being brought into the testing booth may be subject to inspection.
  • Food and beverages are prohibited inside the testing area.
  • Children are not allowed in the testing room. NCC policy states that children under the age of 16 may not be left unattended on campus.
  • Only authorized persons are allowed in the testing area.
  • If you have questions regarding NCC testing rules & regulations, please speak with a test proctor PRIOR to your exam appointment.

Outside college exams, TEAS (Non-NCC students), and CLEP testing may require payment for proctoring services.

Proctoring fees are as follows: CLEP: $20.00 per exam

Outside college exams and TEAS for Non-NCC students:

  • $20.00 for the first hour
  • $10.00 for each additional hour
  • Exam fees will not be pro-rated.

We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover Card, American Express, cash payments, personal checks, and money orders. Please make checks payable to NCC Mack Library.

Lockers for Students

Lockers are located on the 2nd floor of College Center and the 1st floor of Founders Hall. Students must supply their own locks and the lockers are first-come-first-serve. On an advertised date at the end of each semester, all locks and all possessions must be removed.

Lost and Found

Statement of Policy
The Lost and Found Policy and procedures are intended to insure that items reported lost or found on the campuses of Northampton Community College are properly accounted for, and in the case of items found, returned to the rightful owner or disposed of by the College. “Lost Property” means any unattended, abandoned, misplaced, or forgotten item which are found within the boundary of College, pending identification of the rightful owner or appropriate disposal thereof.


The College assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the care and/or protection of any personal belonging left unattended on College property and for the loss, under any circumstances, including theft, vandalism, or malicious mischief of such belonging.

The following procedures will be practiced at the Bethlehem campus of Northampton Community College. Campus Safety officers on the Monroe campus, Fowler Center, and Easton location maintain lost and found at those respective properties.

Items found in the Residence Hall/Apartments are turned into the Public Safety Office within the Residence Hall. Items found in the Residence Hall are kept in that areas lost and found until the end of the semester.

Disposition of Lost and Found Items

All items will be held for 60 days with the exception of clothing and NCC ID Cards which will be held for seven (7) days. After such time, the items will be assigned a final disposition.

Cash – As many details as possible will be collected regarding the exact location that cash was found. If not claimed it will be donated to the Student Services Endowment for use with college programming.

Cell Phones - Every effort will be made to contact the owner. After 60 days the phone will be donated to Turning Point of Lehigh Valley.

Clothing – Clothing is kept for seven (7) days. At the end of day seven (7) it is placed in a common area near the Student Life Zone for anyone to claim.

Credit/Bank Cards – Every effort will be made to contact the owner. After 60 days the card will be destroyed.

Driver’s License – If the owner cannot be contacted within 60 days, the card will be returned to the DMV.

Electronics – Electronics such as laptops and gaming consoles will be sent to the Monroe campus for recycling.

Jewelry – All jewelry will be held for 60 days. If not claimed, anything deemed valuable will be recycled. If recycled for money, the profit will be donated to the Student Services Endowment fund. Costume jewelry will be disposed of properly.

NCC ID Cards – If the owner cannot be contacted within a week, the card will be returned to the ID office.

Textbooks – If the owner cannot be identified the book will be offered to the corresponding academic department after 60 days.

Water Bottles – Bottles and other vessels are held in a location just outside the Office of Student Life and Leadership that can be accessed at any time.

Reason For This Policy
This policy is in place to create a home for lost items on the Bethlehem campus and create a standard practice.

Individuals and Entities Affected by This Policy
Students, faculty, staff, and guests of Northampton Community College may all be affected by this policy.

As mentioned, these procedures will be practiced at the Bethlehem campus of Northampton Community College. Campus Safety officers on the Monroe campus, Fowler Center, and Easton location oversee lost and found at those respective properties.

Mid-day Activities Period

The mid-day activities period is a break that’s filled with a variety of activities. Few classes are scheduled during the mid-day activities period, Tuesday and Thursday, from 11 am until 12:30 pm. The purpose of the break is to provide an opportunity for course enrichment experiences; provide more situations where faculty and students can interact outside of the classroom; and permit more student involvement with student clubs, organizations, and intramural activities.

NCC Spartan Student ID Card

The Spartan Card is your official Student ID at Northampton Community College. It provides access to a variety of NCC resources and services with the use of one card technology. You can use your card for photo identification, dining services, bookstore purchases, library services and building access.

You should carry your Spartan Card at all times. NCC policy does not permit you to lend your card to another person. Keep your Spartan Card for as long as you maintain your credit enrollment status at NCC. If your enrollment is interrupted, you may be required to get a replacement ID.

A Spartan Card can be obtained at the Student Affairs Office, College Center 200, Monday through Thursday 9:00 am – 6:30 pm and Friday 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. You must present a valid photo ID (i.e. valid state driver’s license, passport, State ID Card) as well as a copy of your current schedule. Replacement fee is $10.00. Lost or stolen Spartan Cards should be reported immediately to Student Affairs 610-861-4558.

The following are some of the uses for your Spartan Card:

Flex Dollars – Students and staff can open a Flex Account online or at the NCC Bursar’s Office, located in the Student Enrollment Center, with a minimum $25 deposit. Flex dollars can be used to make purchases in NCC dining facilities and the bookstore. See the Bursar’s Office section for more information.

Bookstore – Use your Spartan Card to make purchases at any NCC bookstore using your Flex Dollars. Students with excess financial aid funds can use their Spartan Card to access a portion of their funds for required textbooks during a 4-week period that begins one week prior to the Fall and Spring Semesters. Dates are subject to change.

Dining Services - The magnetic stripe on the back of the Spartan Card is used in dining areas for Meal Plan management and Flex Dollars. The Spartan Card is accepted in any NCC dining facility.

NCC Libraries – Use your Spartan Card to check out books and materials from the NCC Library.

Building Access – Access to certain NCC rooms and buildings as well as the residence hall requires the use of a Spartan Card. Some entrances may require you to swipe your card; others may require you to simply hold your card in front of a sensor. Access is only granted to authorized individuals.

Off-hours Use of Facilities

Students requiring access to any College facilities during off hours must have a permission slip signed by a NCC staff member. When you arrive on campus, present the off-hours permission slip along with a Spartan Card to Public Safety.

Parking on Campus

Commuter students are encouraged to register their vehicle with Public Safety; resident student are required to register their vehicles with Public Safety at the Public Safety Building. At the Bethlehem Campus, students may park in any of the lined spaces not noted as restricted on North and South Campus. Parking is at your own risk. The College assumes no liability for damages or losses that occur on College property. When the South Campus lots are full, park on the North Campus. Do not park on the grass, walkways, driveways or other areas that are marked as restricted parking areas. The campus speed limit is 15 mph. Students with disabilities or medical conditions can contact the Office for Disability Services for special parking arrangements. If extenuating circumstance require your car to remain overnight, inform Public Safety. Vehicles left on campus for more than 72 hours will be considered abandoned except for on-campus housing students. Vehicles may be removed at owner’s expense.

Safe Space Program

The Safe Space Program is an initiative to create a welcoming environment on campus where everyone feels comfortable being himself or herself (regardless of sexual orientation). Northampton supports the equal treatment of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual (LGBTQIA) community. The NCC Safe Space logo identifies someone with resources, sensitivity, and understanding toward the LGBTQIA community.

Student Life Zone

Use of Student Life Zone  space is currently restricted; please consult Student Life.
The Student Life Zone (SLZ) is a multi-purpose space that houses the Student Life & Leadership Development Office. It is located on the second floor of the College Center building, with direct access to the Food Court. The Zone provides students with a comfortable place to hang out between classes. It also offers a meeting space, a performance venue, computers, wireless internet access, lost and found, ticket sales and a focal point for activities of student organizations.

Student Veterans Services

Student Veterans Services (SVS) is located in the Student Enrollment Center, SENC 131. Our mission is to provide assistance for transitioning into higher education and easy access to the resources available to all NCC student veterans, dependents of veterans and currently serving military students. Appointments are available and walk-in visits are welcome during regular business hours: M, T, TH, F - 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and W - 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Call 610-861-5508 or email

Wireless Access

Wireless access is available throughout the buildings at both Bethlehem locations, as well as the Monroe campus.

Center for Civic and Community Engagement

To help students become Engaged Citizens, the Center provides a myriad of opportunities in the areas of Service Learning, Community Service/Volunteerism, and Civic Participation. For more details, please visit our website at The Center also provides the following student services programs.

Spartan Aid
The Spartan Aid Program assists students to evaluate their financial and personal situation and identify and resolve any non-academic barriers to college success. For more information, please contact Maryann Haytmanek at or 610-861-4555

New Choices 
The New Choices program is a career and personal development program for single parents, re-entry homemakers, and people in career transitions. The program offers career decision making classes that include career interest and aptitude assessments, career and educational exploration, resume writing, interview practice, communication skills for the workplace, confidence building, stress management, and goal setting. Contact Information: Bethlehem Campus Office College Center 200, (610) 861-5350 and Fowler Campus 6th Floor, (610) 332-6560.

They KEYS program provides support services such as academic and career advising, counseling and incentives for most students who receive public assistance such as TANF or SNAP (food stamps). Contact Information: Bethlehem Campus College Center 105 and 106, Phone (610) 861-5310 and Monroe Campus Keystone 110, (570) 369-1878.