Student Handbook


People who attend Northampton Community College know that it’s more than just a college. Northampton is a special place; a sort of family. Northampton is full of energetic people from a wide variety of backgrounds.

As a Northampton student, you can expect to be challenged in the classroom, enriched by new experiences and share great times with new friends. Freshmen often feel overwhelmed with all the new opportunities they encounter in college. This handbook is intended to be a helpful tool. It contains important policies and procedures, and is a working calendar to help you manage your time.


Table of Contents

Handy Numbers

Mission, Values and Diversity Statement

Fast Facts - Bethlehem

Student Services - Bethlehem

Fast Facts - Monroe

Student Services - Monroe

Online Learning

Athletics, Health and Physical Education

Student Clubs, Programs and Organizations

Student Financial Information

Academic Information and Policies

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Student Code of Conduct

Student Policies