Individualized Transfer Studies Program

The Individualized Transfer Studies program at Northampton is designed for students who have a clear intention to transfer to a specific baccalaureate college. The program is unique in that each student works with the four-year institution and designs a curriculum to meet the specific requirements for the major at the baccalaureate institution.

The program consists of a three-part curriculum which includes:

  • The current general education core for the associate in arts (A.A.) programs;
  • The addition of one Humanities and one Social Science to the general electives;
  • The remaining credit hours will align with the requirements at the transfer institution.

The Individualized Transfer Program ensures that students take only those courses at NCC which are required by the four-year institution to which they intend to transfer. This option is intended for students who have identified their baccalaureate institution of choice. The student must meet with an advisor at the four-year institution to pre-plan a program of transferable courses. These Northampton courses will fulfill the general distribution requirements and other courses that are required at the four-year institution. This enables students to get a head start on their baccalaureate degree with an associate's degree from Northampton.