Federal Financial Aid Academic Progress Policy

All students must be making satisfactory academic progress toward a degree, certificate or specialized diploma in order to establish or renew eligibility for participation in any of the Federal or State financial aid programs. The Higher Education Act requires institutions to establish academic progress standards that contain qualitative and quantitative measurements of progress. The act also requires a maximum time frame for completion of the program.

The provisions included in Northampton's academic progress policy are based on federal requirements and are applicable to all students applying for federal aid including the Federal Parent Loan (PLUS). Copies of the policy and the appeal procedure are available at the Financial Aid Office and are distributed to all financial aid recipients with their financial aid award letter.

This policy applies to any student entering or returning to NCC. A student's entire academic record is reviewed even when a student was not a financial aid recipient during prior enrollment. College approved academic restarts are not considered when computing financial aid satisfactory academic progress. The following requirements must be met for eligibility for federal financial aid (grants, loans, and work-study).

Only courses required for your current major are eligible for financial aid consideration.

I. Completion Rate

A student must successfully complete sixty-seven percent (67%) of all credits attempted at NCC.

Financial aid can be applied only once to repeat any course where the student received a passing grade, including a "D". Although students may receive financial aid for repeated courses, credit for a course is given only once.

II. Grade Point Average

A student must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average based on the total number of credits attempted including transfer credits. Total credits attempted include courses in which a student receives a passing grade or F, W, WP, WF, N, or I.

Total Credits Attempted Including Transfer Credits Minimum Cumulative GPA Required
9-25 1.50
26-40 1.75
41+ 2.00

III. Maximum Time Frame

For federal financial aid eligibility students must complete their program within a maximum time frame not to exceed 150% of the length of the educational program. This includes all semesters of enrollment even if no aid was received. Once a student attempts more than 150% of the credits that it normally takes to complete his/her program of study, he/she is no longer eligible for financial aid.

Example: Length of Program Maximum Time Frame
60-credit program 90 credits attempted
30-credit program 45 credits attempted

Questions about this policy should be directed to the Financial Aid Office (610.861.5510).