Individualized Transfer Studies, Associate in Arts



Even if Northampton's extensive selection of degree programs doesn't include your intended major, you can still begin your studies here by creating an Individualized Transfer Studies program. By working with your advisor, you can carefully select courses at NCC that are required by the four-year institution to which you plan to transfer. Doing so will give you an affordable head start on your baccalaureate degree with an associate's degree from Northampton.

Please note that this option is intended only for students who have identified their baccalaureate college of choice, and their intended major, and are pre-planning a program of Northampton courses to fulfill the general distribution requirements and other courses that are transferable to the four-year institution.


The Individualized Transfer Studies program consists of a three-part curriculum, including:

  • The current Northampton general education core for associate in arts programs
  • The addition of one Humanities and one Social Science course to the general education electives
  • 30 credit hours aligned with the requirements of the degree program at your transfer institution

The College has negotiated opportunities for students to use the Individualized Transfer Studies program to transfer to several colleges/universities for specific programs:

  • East Stroudsburg University
    • Health Service Administration, BS Degree
    • Health Education, Concentration in Community Health, BS Degree
  • Kutztown University
    • Art Education, BS Degree
  • DeSales University (via online learning)
    • Accounting, BA Degree


Students will be eligible for this program by:

  1. Pre-planning a 61-credit program with the assistance of the Director of Advising
  2. Securing the signature of the transfer counselor and appropriate academic dean
  3. Agreeing to work with an academic advisor each semester before registration
  4. Securing all signatures for the pre-planned program before attempting the last 15 credits at Northampton
  5. Agreeing to contact an advisor at the baccalaureate institution during the first semester of study

Contact the Admissions Office at 610.861.5500 for further information.


Graduates of the program will:

  • With the assistance of the Transfer Advisor, have planned and completed a 61-credit program tailored to their transfer institution.
  • Have fulfilled all general education objectives at Northampton and maximized their transfer to a baccalaureate institution.


Required Courses

ENGL101English I

3 credits


ENGL151LEnglish II

3 credits


ENGL151REnglish II

3 credits


ENGL151TEnglish II

3 credits


CMTH102Introduction to Communication

3 credits

MATHMathematics Elective (QL) +

3 credits

Laboratory Science Elective (SCI) +

4 credits

Social Science: Societies and Institutions over Time Elective (SIT)+

3 credits

Social Science: Scientific Study of Human Behavior Elective (SSHB)+

3 credits

Elective from ECON, GEOG, HIST, POLS, PSYC, or SOCA

3 credits

Arts and Humanities Elective (AH) +

3 credits

Elective from ARTA, CMTH, ENGL, MDLA, MUSC, or PHIL

3 credits

Pre-planned Electives (courses that satisfy the requirements of the baccalaureate institution)

30 credits

Total Credit Hours: 61

ENGL151: Students have a choice of ENGL151L (Literature option), ENGL151R (Report Writing) or ENGL151T (Technical Writing). Contact your advisor for guidance.

+ Must be selected from the list of approved courses in these categories

  • Students must select two Writing Intensive (WI) courses.
  • One course should be designated as Diversity and Global Awareness(D).
  • Completion of both ENGL101 and ENGL151L satisfy the computer literacy requirement.
  • Electives should be chosen from the list of courses which are applicable to AA and AS degrees. The intention in the 30 elective credits is to align the NCC courses with the baccalaureate major toward which the student is working; any substitution must be discussed and approved by the student's academic advisor.