Web Site Design, Specialized Diploma



This specialized diploma 16-credit program provides hands-on training and experience in designing compelling and functional web sites. The program is taught in NCC's state-of-the-art Apple computer labs, with 24/7 high speed Internet connection. Students will work with top line professional graphic design and web design software and tools.

The Web Site Design program provides an introduction to the cycle of creative web site design and development as is commonly found in the industry today. Students will develop original design concepts created in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator software, and build layouts using Adobe Dreamweaver, hand-coded HTML & CSS, Javascript, and Flash elements.

You will learn the basics of Photoshop, Illustrator, and graphic design concepts in Computer Graphics. In Introduction to Web Design, students are exposed to modern design and usability concepts, as well as instruction on technical implementation of web layouts in HTML & CSS. The Advanced Web Site Design course focuses on concepts related to dynamic, interactive layouts, advanced CSS concepts, javascript galleries and content-manipulation scripts, PHP scripts, and Wordpress layouts. In the Web Animation and Interactive Design classes, students learn topics related to animation, interactivity, and basic video game design.

Upon completion of the specialized diploma program, students will publish a portfolio of websites and interactive designs online on the personal webspace provided by the college.


Course work provides hands-on instruction in basic HTML coding and the use and understanding of current web authoring applications. The majority of work in this program will use web-authoring applications, and will not focus on the use of HTML.

Your web design skills will be developed using Macintosh computers, as well as current scanning, printing and photography hardware in Northampton's well-equipped digital lab. Your assignments will give you practical experience in solving design problems for the Web. You'll also benefit from close student-teacher instruction, as well as interaction with professional Web designers. 

Career Potential: Graduates of the Web Site Design Specialized Diploma program will possess a basic understanding of web site design concepts and applications. Due to the complex and rapidly changing nature of this profession, students are encouraged to seek additional and continual advanced training in order to pursue a career in web site design and development.


Graduates of the program will:

  • Understand the basic concepts and use of HTML scripting language.
  • Know how to use current Web design authoring software.
  • Know how to optimize graphic files for the Web.
  • Know how to use a basic digital camera to capture content for the Web.
  • Understand copyright laws as they apply to Web design.
  • Understand the history and development of the World Wide Web and the Internet.
  • Know how to place a Web site on line using FTP software.
  • Know how to test and monitor Web sites that are on line.
  • Know how to "tweak" Web sites for viewing on current Web browsers.


ARTA130Intro to Web Site Design

3 credits

ARTA132Web Animation

3 credits

ARTA170Computer Graphics

4 credits

ARTA236Interactive Design

3 credits

ARTA240Advanced Web Site Design

3 credits

Total Credit Hours: 16