CULA145 Culinary and Restaurant Operations

This course will be the students' introduction into catering and restaurant skills and operations. Topics to be covered include various breakfast cookery and garde manger items. Focus will be placed on nutritional cooking through portion control, use of fats and oils and seasonal ingredients. Dietary needs, allergies and specialty menus will also be covered in this class. Operations in this class will include breakfast and lunch production for a variety of areas, including: banquet service, retail service, and catering and restaurant a la carte menu service. Students will rotate through various stations, including the front of the house, retail market, and student run restaurant. Sanitary practices and compliance with laws and ordinances of the Department of Health are enforced. Restricted to Culinary Students. Prereq. - CULA135. Additional course fees: $62.00.


12 credits



Lecture/Lab Ratio