Waiver of Fees

The College's $25 application fee may be waived for those applicants who are unable to pay. Students should contact the Admissions Office regarding the waiver policy.

Senior Citizens Northampton County residents who are 65 years of age or older qualify for a tuition and fee waiver for credit courses (noncredit does not qualify for a waiver). The waiver must be requested by the student at the time of registration. A valid PA Photo ID or PA Driver's License is also required. Note: Waiver is provided for tuition, comprehensive fee, technology fee and capital fee only. Academic course fees, textbooks and other expenses that may be required for course completion are not included and are the responsibility of the student. Tuition and Fee Waiver plus other forms of financial aid awards and/or third-party payments received on behalf of the student cannot exceed tuition and eligible fee charges and if so, will reduce the Tuition and Fee Waiver accordingly.

Students in CULA 145 & 150 who are on the dining service meal plan may have their meal plan fee waived.