Course Drop, Withdrawal, Refunds, Class Changes, and Adjustments

Students who wish to drop or withdraw from either a course or the College must receive official authorization from the Records Office. Failure to drop or withdraw officially may result in the recording of an F grade. A student who is asked to leave the College for misconduct or delinquent attendance will receive no refund of tuition or fees.

Students who drop with the approval of the Records office prior to the date specified in the College Calendar, will be entitled to a 100 percent refund (or adjustment) of tuition and fees charged, less the non-refundable admissions deposit and any amounts owed to the College for fines, returned checks and other charges and fees.

In addition, a student who drops during the following specified periods will be entitled to the applicable refund (or adjustment) of tuition and fees, less the admissions deposit, student fees, and any amounts owed to the College per the schedule below. Specified dates for each semester are listed in the College Calendar.

All refund payments will be made payable to the student except for a) contractual third party payments - refund payable to the third party named, and b) excess parents plus loan funds - refund payable to the parent named