Developmental Education

Developmental education helps students learn the skills needed for success in college-level courses. These skills include the essentials of reading, writing, and mathematics, and proven strategies for achieving their academic goals.

Developmental education services are provided through these means:

  • Placement testing in math, reading, and English determines the eligibility of students for developmental courses.
  • Some courses numbered below 100 (0XX) are designed to allow students to remedy specific deficiencies in mathematics, reading, and writing. Among them are PreAlgebra, Elementary Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Reading Fundamentals, Critical Reading, Basic English, and Chemical Calculations. NOTE: While courses below 100 each carry credit for determining student load and for financial aid, those credits may not be applied to any degree or certificate granted by the College.
  • The Learning Center provides tutoring, workshops, and study skills support to promote the academic success of developmental students. Tutoring options include study groups, classroom tutors, Supplemental Instruction, individual appointments, walk-in hours, and online hours.