Attendance Policy

Class attendance and engagement in the learning process are critical factors in determining students' success in their courses. NCC students are expected to attend all class sessions of courses in which they are enrolled, and are responsible for all material presented in class sessions of these courses.

However, a student who misses class more than twice the number of weekly meetings of the class* (or the equivalent in short term courses) may be withdrawn from the course by the instructor.

Students who are withdrawn for poor attendance will receive a grade of W. Faculty may issue a withdrawal through the first 90% of the semester (14th week or equivalent in short term classes*). After the 90% period, a student may not withdraw or be withdrawn.

In an internet-based online learning course, a student is considered to have missed the equivalent of more than twice the number of weekly meetings of a traditional classroom course in a consecutive two-week period if there has been no participation by the student in the class through submission of assignments, participation in discussion forums or contact with the professor in any way during the period.

Students who are withdrawn from the class for lack of attendance may appeal the enforced withdrawal to the instructor. If the Instructor agrees to reinstate the student, he/she will be required to complete a reinstatement form and return it directly to the Records Office. If the appeal is denied, the student may speak with the appropriate academic dean and/or the Vice President, Enrollment & Student Affairs. Further discussion may take place with the faculty member, but the final decision on the withdrawal rests with the faculty member.

* Clinical and lab courses may have a different application of this attendance policy and it will be so noted on each syllabus.