Academic Restart Policy

The Academic Restart policy is intended for students who attended NCC in the past and compiled an unsatisfactory academic record. This one-time-only option allows students to redirect their academic goals and permits students to reset the NCC Grade Point Average and the Cumulative Credits earned.

Eligibility is determined by:

  • The student has not enrolled at NCC for at least three (3) consecutive academic years and has not earned an NCC degree.
  • The student has a previous cumulative grade point average below 2.0.
  • The student has not been granted the Academic Restart previously.
  • The student has earned a grade point average of 2.0 or higher in a minimum of 12 credits since returning to NCC.

The previous record will remain on the transcript; however, it will not be used in the computation of the new grade point average. Students may use non-developmental level courses they completed with a grade of C or better prior to Academic Restart toward completion of graduation requirements, but grades for these courses will not affect grade point average calculation.

Interested students must complete an application and meet with a member of the Advising Office. A student's request for academic restart will be voided if 12 credits are not earned after four (4) semesters.

Academic Restart will be recorded on the student's transcript upon certification by the Advising Office.

Note: Given federal and state student aid regulations, the student is not relieved of academic progress requirements for financial aid eligibility, even if restart approval is granted. Some colleges will not accept courses prior to Academic Restart.