VETC225 Veterinary Radiology and Surgica l Nursing

Course designed to develop technical competence in diagnostic radiology, surgical nursing, anesthesia, and dentistry. The principles learned in previous courses will be applied in a veterinary setting using live animals patients. There will be an overview of the basic principles of radiology: use and maintenance of radiographic/imaging equipment, restraint and positioning of small animals and the development of diagnostic radiographs. In addition, student will be troubleshooting for poor quality films. Record keeping and safety issues will be discussed. The general principles of surgical assisting including aseptic technique, operating room protocol and surgical assisting by the veterinary technician; surgical instrumentation, surgical instrumentation and surgical preparation will be discussed and practiced. Pre, intra- and post-operative anesthetic nursing will be learned; students will perform anesthesia on small animals and perform prophylactic dentistry. Attendance is mandatory. Prereq. - all the following: 1) admission into Veterinary Technician program, 2) proof of health insurance, 3) proof of vaccination: rabies and tetanus, 4) VETC 101, 110, 125, 218 and 220.Additional course fees: $50.00.


4 credits


(C in VETC110 and C in VETC101 and C in VETC125 and C in VETC218 and C in VETC220)