VETC218 Vet Pharmacology & Anesthesia

Veterinary technicians will spend a significant portion of their time in both the veterinary pharmacy dispensing medication and in surgery serving as assistants and anesthetists. Students receive the theory of basic pharmacology and anesthesiology in this course and receive hands-on experience in a subsequent course. Theory and application of pharmacology and anesthesiology; pharmacologic principles including: drug administration, distribution, excretion and individual variability; drug side-effects, dosing and general pharmacologic calculations; pre-anesthesia patient assessment, pre-anesthetic drugs, induction, maintenance and post-operative patient monitoring; students work with various types of anesthetic equipment, operate anesthesia machines, EKG unit and a pulse oximeter. Prereq. - all the following: 1) admission into Veterinary Technician program, 2) CHEM 135, 3) VETC 101, 110, and 125.


3 credits


(D in CHEM135 and C in VETC101 and C in VETC110 and C in VETC125)