VETC215G Animal Disease

Provides students with a broad-based understanding of animal medicine and disease; pathogens, host pathology, diagnosis, treatment and prevention for large and small animal species; provides the necessary context in which to understand the "why" of doing diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Principles of disease in large and small animal species; clinical symptomology, diagnosis, therapy, epidemiology, prevention of common diseases; toxicology, zoonotic diseases and medical emergencies; course organized around body systems and associated pathologic conditions. Writing intensive. Prereq.- all of the following: 1) admission into Veterinary Technician program, 2) VETC 101, 110 and 125, 3) ENGL 151C. Core: WI.


3 credits


(C in VETC110 and C in VETC101 and C in VETC125 and D in ENGL151C)