MATH150 Introductory Statistics

This course introduces students to descriptive statistics, probability, correlation and regression, normal distribution, sampling distributions, confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing. Prereq.- Appropriate competence as outlined in the Mathematics Placement policy or MATH022 or 028 either with a C or better. Also available through Online Learning. Core: QL.


3 credits


(1300.0 on PSSA 4) or (500.0 on SAT 2) or (500.0 on NSAT 3) or (530.0 on RSAT 2) or (100.0 on RELA 2) or (C in MATH028) or (40.0 on ACCU 2) or (100.0 on HST 1 and 261.0 on HST 2) or (C in MATH026) or (C in MATH022) or (35.0 on MPT 2)