MATH118 Foundations of Mathematics I

This course consists of problem solving and inductive reasoning, sets, functions, numeration systems, integers, rational numbers, number theory, decimals, percents, real numbers and proportional reasoning. This course is based on state and national mathematics standards and is restricted to all NCC Education majors. Prereq.- Appropriate competence as outlined in the Mathematics Placement policy or MATH022 with a C or better. MATH 118 and MATH120 may not both count toward the same degree. Also available through Online Learning. Core: QL (Middle Level Education, Early Childhood Education & Special Education only).


3 credits


(C in MATH028) or (C in MATH026) or (530.0 on RSAT 2) or (100.0 on RELA 2) or (50.0 on ACCU 2) or (100.0 on HST 1 and 261.0 on HST 2) or (1300.0 on PSSA 4) or (500.0 on SAT 2) or (500.0 on NSAT 3) or (35.0 on MPT 2) or (C in MATH022)