HUMA250G Research Methods in the Social Sciences

This class is an overview of scientific research methods used in the social sciences. Social sciences include disciplines in which we examine people or collections of people, and their individual or collective behaviors, such as psychology, sociology, and political science. In this class we will discuss not only research methods (such as empirical data collection and analysis) but also the research process from start to end, including the steps of scientific inquiry, and the ethics involved. Restricted to students in the Honors Program. Prereq. - ENGL101 and either POLS101 or PSYC103 or SOCA103. Core: SSHB, WI.


3 credits


(D in ENGL101 and D in POLS101) or (D in ENGL101 and D in PSYC103) or (D in ENGL101 and D in SOCA103)