ELEC101 DC/AC Circuit Analysis I

This course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of direct and alternating circuit theory including definitions of voltage, current, resistance, and power; Ohm's and Kirchoff's laws; and series-parallel circuit analysis. Concepts of magnetism and sine waves as they related to electronic are covered. Lab work emphasizes related hands-on skills such as circuit wiring, use of test equipment, and data taking and reporting. Prereq. - Appropriate competence as outlined in the Mathematics placement policy or MATH 026 or MATH 028. Offered fall semester only. Additional course fees $25.00.


4 credits


(D in MATH026) or (D in MATH028) or (86.0 onACCU 2) or (500.0 on SAT 2) or (1300.0 on PSSA 4) or (500.0 on NSAT 3)