CISC115 Computer Science I

Introduction to computing through the development of algorithms and programs which are implemented in a high level function/object oriented language; simple data types, control structures, documentation, basic file manipulation, problem solving techniques, modular design, structured data types, and object oriented implementations. Prereq. - Approproate competence as outlined in the Mathematics Placement policy ot MATH026 or 028 either with a C or better.


4 credits


(C inMATH028) or (86.0 on ACCU 2) or (500.0 on SAT 2) or (1300.0 on PSSA 4) or (50.0 on MPT 2) or (D in MATH140) or (C in MATH026) or (500.0 on NSAT 3) or (100.0 on HST 1 and 401.0 on HST 2)